Public work

The staff of the department takes an active part in the public work of the university and in the activities of the scientific unions, in particular:

Dubovoi V.M. Member of the Scientific-methodical commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the specialty 151-Automation and computer-integrated technologies; Senior Member of the International Scientific Society IEEE; Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics; Chairman of the Information Systems Committee of the Ukrainian Federation of Informatics; a member of the specialized academic council D 05.052.01 on the defense of doctoral theses; Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Scientific and Technical Conference " Measurement and Control in Complex Systems"; Participation in the work of the editorial boards of the journals "Visnyk VPI", "Optoelectronic information and energy technologies", "Information technologies and computer engineering".

Shtovba S.D. Member of the specialized academic council D 05.052.01 on the defense of doctoral dissertations on the specialty 05.13.06 "Information Technologies"; a member of the editorial board of the scientific journal "Visnuk of the Vinnytsia Polytechnic Institute" and the journal "Neuro-fuzzy simulation technology in economics"; Member of the International Association of Engineers, International Group on Reliability, EU Metaheuristics Community, Ukrainian Scientists Worldwide; The project manager of the “Repository of dissertations on information technologies, artificial intelligence and mathematical modeling”.

Bukov M.M. Scientific secretary of the Podilsky branch of the International Sciences Academy of Applied Radioelectronics; Head of the professional orientation work of the CCS department.

Hryshuk T.V. Secretary of the Methodical Commission of the Computer Systems and Avtomatization Department; Participation in the preparation of students for the Olympiad in programming, participation in the annual Olympiad of Delphi (Vinnytsia) as the author of tasks in the field of Data Science.

Yuhimchuk M.S. Member of the Sikorsky Challenge Organizing Committee on issues related to the participants.

Derman H.Y. Curator of the academic group, responsible for working with students.

Kovaliuk O.O.Chairman of IEEE CAS/IM/C/MTT Societies Joint Chapter; lector of Front-End Development end DevOps courses by EPAM.

In addition, every two years on the basis of the department is held an international scientific and technical conference "Control and management in complex systems". The department is organizes the organization of the conferens on its own: with the help of teachers and students of our department.