Workshop on the MASTIS project June 26-27, 2017

An extraordinary meeting of participants of the international project MASTIS (Establishing Modern Master-level Studies in Information Systems) in which VNTU takes an active part took place in Kyiv on June 26-27, 2017. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine: Deputy Minister of Education Yu.Raskiewicz and Director of the Department of Higher Education O.Sharov, Head of the Scientific and Methodological Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science in the specialty 126 - Information Systems and Technologies V.Snittyuk.


Representatives of the VNTU were team members of project executors, professors O.Bisikalo and V.Dubovoi. The meeting was devoted to discussing the prospects for improving the preparation of masters in information systems in Ukraine and for coordinating the program of the project and the Master's Degree Standard on specialty 126 - Information systems and technologies, the development of which is currently being completed. In addition, the project participants discussed the content and learning outcomes of the basic courses of educational programs for the preparation of masters of information systems.


Each of the 6 Ukrainian universities participating in the project presented their programs of one of the basic disciplines. In particular, professor V.Dubovoi reported on the main provisions of the course "Infrastructure of Information Technologies", which was developed by the group of project participants from VNTU. The project participants got acquainted with the interesting and useful experience of the existing master's programs in information systems at the universities of Münster (Germany) and Kaunas (Lithuania), and also agreed on the timetable for further work and the procedure for the coordination and implementation of basic course programs.