Department of
Computer Control

The Department of Computer Control Systems (CCS) holds education process for bachelors, masters and philosophy doctors in the specialty 151-Automation and computer-integrated technologies. Educational program is "Intelligent computer control systems”.

Students of the department study theoretical and applied foundations of computer systems construction for different industries: industry, banking, medicine, etc.

The Department of Computer Control Systems was founded in 1977 and until 1997 was named - the Department of Automated Control Systems (ACS).

Specialty "Automation and computer-integrated technologies" is aimed to the development and use of software and hardware complexes, databases and web technologies, information technologies for complex automation at all levels: from manufacturing and technological processes to the organizing of financial, human resources, social and other types of activities of modern enterprises and corporations.

The department is a part of the Faculty of Computer Systems and Automation


10 teachers are working at the department: 3 Doctors of Sciences (Engineering), professors; 6 candidates of technical sciences (PhD), associate professors; 1 assistant, as well as 4 employees of support staff, scientific staff and postgraduate students.


Завідувач кафедри Дубовой В.М. The chair is headed by the doctor of technical sciences, professor Dubovoi Volodymyr Mikhailovych, Excellence in education of Ukraine, full member of the International Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics, a member and chairman of the Information Systems Committee of the Ukrainian Association of Informatics, a senior member of the international Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the chairman of the Organizing Committee of the regular International scientific and technical conference "Measurement and Control in complex systems", deputy chairman of the specialized council D 05.052.01, which operates in VNTU.


The scientific staff of department performs a large amount of fundamental and applied scientific research. The scientists of the department have published 16 monographs, received more than 100 patents, carried out a large number of scientific and technical projects.

The department carry out a lot of organizational work: every two years an International conference "Control and management in complex systems" is being held on the basis of the department, the local branch of the international scientific society IEEE and the Ukrainian federation of informatics of University work here.


The department has a modern laboratory base: Laboratory of advanced information technologies, Laboratory of automation and computer-integrated technologies, Laboratory of digital automatic machines and microprocessor systems, Laboratory of automatic control systems. On the basis of modern computer technology existing on the department the information system "Chair" was created.


The department published 3 textbooks, 27 teaching guides and a large number of methodical instructions. Scientific and methodical literature is available both in printed and e-learning form.

The department has educated about 1200 engineers, 70 masters, over 20 candidates of sciences (PhD) and 8 doctors of sciences. Graduates of the Department make a significant contribution to the development of science, technology and business both in Ukraine and abroad.